Free eBooks in ePub3 Format

ePub3, maintained by the IDPF, is the current standard for eBooks. It is very well supported by Apple's iBooks app for iOS devices and AZARDI desktop and mobile eReaders. Other mobile app readers for tablets and smartphones are in various stages of support, but eReader hardware is seriously lagging. For that reason, many publishers believe tablet apps will replace eReader hardware.

Catto Creations supports ePub3 and makes the following books available for download. They work well with AZARDI's desktop eReader. They are also available as free eBooks in the Apple iBookstore.

I Love To Doodle

by Taylor Beres

Silver Medal Award
2013 Global eBook Awards

One of life's most popular pastimes, doodling, is presented for those who like art, math, and/or computers. This short book shows the artistry in math and the math in artistry.

See how a teenager and her grandfather have different approaches for their doodles. This deceptively simple book provides a step by step guide to one teenager's favorite doodles, free-hand or using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

Unlike other doodle books, this book not only shows how to draw the doodle, but also shows how to create it using vector graphics without costly software. See the SVG Doodles here.

Print Edition is available from Createspace, an Amazon Company and Amazon.

Bella The Dragon

by Barbara Nick

Bella the Dragon is a classic children's picture book about the magic of friendship, the sadness of separation, and the joy of reunion. Bella is a special dragon with scales made of sparkling jewels.

Author, Barbara Nick, captures the mood and magic of childhood stories in this charming first story of Bella the Dragon. Illustrator, Elaine Steckler, brings life to words with her exquisite illustrations.

A New Day

by Barbara Nick

Gold Medal Winner
2013 Global eBook Awards

QED Seal of Approval!

A New Day enables you to share the day's activities with your child. The story makes the ordinary daily routine extraordinary by using dynamic and interactive illustrations. The illustrations spark interest in general concepts of daily life.

Discover A New Day, everyday, with a child in your life.

The dynamic illustrations keep the book fresh and fun for the reader. The moon shows the correct phase. Calendars display the correct date. Clocks display the correct time.

The interactive illustrations demonstrate colors, numbers, shapes, sports, dates, and time.

The story provides audio examples of several foreign languages. Audio in both mp4 and ogg formats makes the audio compatible with iBooks, AZARDI, and Readium.

Pop-up note references work very well in iBooks. They work but result in format issues (due to its fixed format) in AZARDI. They don't seem to work at all in Readium.

Learn SVG Interactively

by Jay Nick

Interactively learn Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), graphics markup for the web. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has made SVG a web standard.

Change the attributes of SVG elements and see the resulting change to the image inside the book.

Learn how to get started creating your own SVG graphic.

I Love To Color, Play, & Learn

by Jay Nick

Color with 16 million colors.
Play by interacting with each page.
Learn the United States, their capitals, and the concepts of date, time and color.

This eBook appeals to preschool to 3rd grade children as well as the child in all of us.

Color, Play, & Learn, you will love it.